Safety Policies & Procedures


Safety is something we take very seriously at Parkside Stables. We pride ourselves on the high standards we require right through from horse selection and behaviour to the training of our staff. Our excellent facilities provide people of all ages and abilities to be involved and enjoy the sport in the safest environment possible. We have regular inspections from the local council and from various equestrian organisations such as the Approved British Riding Schools, Pony Club, Riding for the Disabled we also have available our:

  • 5* rated Riding school licence and Insurance certificate displayed in the yard office
  • Full H & S information including risk assessments riding and Pony Care
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Work experience policies and procedures
  • Our Health and Safety Policy and Policy Statement
  • Risk Assessment for Facility Hire
  • Fire Risk Assessment

These are all available for viewing on request and we are happy to help any visiting groups with any supporting paperwork you may need for your visit.

Rider Registration Forms

All riders must complete a rider registration form prior to riding. This information is used and stored in accordance with the DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 (revised 2018). Your personal information will not be passed to a third party but may be made available to insurers and other parties in the event of any injury or incident. Customers are welcome to read the data protection statement on request.

Payments & bookings

We require all bookings to be made in advance. Group lessons can be paid for on arrival. Private lessons cannot be booked without payment in full to secure the lesson. We operate a strict 48 hour cancellation policy for all lessons without exception. If a lesson is cancelled within 48 hours, the payment is non-refundable. Late cancellation fees apply.

Methods of Payment

We accept card, cash and bank transfer for group bookings. We are able to take card payment or payment over the phone.

Beginner Riders/ Ability Grouping

Lead rein may be required for beginner riders for safety reasons. This is usually provided by a family member, parent or responsible adult and is necessary to participate a leader form will need to be completed for each new volunteer leader.. The Instructor will advise when lead rein is no longer required. All of our groups are organised so that riders of the same ability ride together. This is assessed by our Instructors and you will be advised which is the most suitable lesson for your ability.


We hope you will be happy with all of our Instructors but if you feel you are not getting the best from the lesson please discuss your concerns with them or the Management Team. You are more than welcome to transfer to another Instructor (if available) if you wish.

Our Horses and ponies

We have a wonderful selection of horses and ponies for all abilities and levels. They also have individual weight limits. We will match you with an appropriate horse and if you find a horse which you particularly like, the staff team are more than happy to add this ‘request’ to your details. We try to meet all horse ‘requests’ but we cannot guarantee this for all lessons as we limit their work loads and they also require rest periods and time for relaxation.

Equipment & Safety

All riders are required to wear: A riding hat.

This can be your own riding hat or you can hire one from the stable yard office at no extra cost. A senior member of staff will assist you in fitting your hat. Hats must be PAS 015 Kite marked as a minimum and if you wish to purchase your own hat we strongly recommend you only purchase a latest standard PAS015 and have this fitted by a qualified person.

Appropriate foot wear; boots or wellingtons- something with a slight heel (roughly 1.5’’), trainers and boots with large treads to the sole are unsuitable for riding in.

We strongly recommend wearing:

  • Long sleeved tops
  • Gloves
  • Body protectors
  • Loose/stretchy trousers; jodhpurs or leggings (as they give you more freedom of movement).

And that you do NOT wear:

  • Strappy Tops
  • Trainers
  • Jeans or Shorts
  • Skirts of any description
  • Jewellery

The staff are happy to advise you further please ask.

Accident Forms

Horses can sometimes be unpredictable and accidents occasionally happen. If you should have any kind of accident an Instructor will be on hand to assist you, implement First Aid as required and/or get you back into your lesson. With any accident, however small, you will be required to complete an accident form. The staff will assist you with this. We follow strict Health & Safety guidelines and you may receive a call after the lesson to see how you are.

Social Media & Website

You can follow us on Facebook. We use our Facebook page to update our clients and to advertise our events, special offers or discounts. Special offers and discounts are on a first come first served basis so early booking is recommended. Our 48 hour Cancellation policy will still apply to last minute bookings.

Compliments and Complaints

If you would like to register a compliment, please speak to a senior member of staff who will pass it onto the relevant person. We would also like to encourage you to put it in writing which we would then like to address in any staff meetings or training. If you have any complaints please speak with a senior member of staff straight away and we will assist in resolving your concerns as quickly as possible.

Contact Details

Please try to keep your details up to date with us. There are times when we may need to contact you or return your call and this is difficult to do so if telephone numbers have changed. An email address is a great way for us to communicate as this rarely changes.

Contact Us

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