Pony Club at Parkside Stables

Want to learn more about ponies and riding?
Make friends and have fun?
Then why not join our pony Club!

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There is a lot of horsey activities you can take part in with us at our Pony Club:

  • Equine achievement badges (mini and large badges)
  • Riding award scheme (Progressive tests and efficiency tests)
  • Learn how to care for horses and ponies
  • Help for ‘non-horsey’ parents
  • Enjoy the outdoors and healthy exercise
  • Learn new life skills
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Riding and Pony Care Sessions through a combination of ridden lessons and stable management sessions. Members and their parents should be able to see a progression in their riding, pony knowledge and care abilities.

The Pony Club Training structure encourages Members to take tests which enables them to learn progressively about horse and pony care and riding. The tests are taken at recommended ages and are designed with certain objectives in mind.

The Centre Membership scheme was introduced in 1998 to allow children who do not own their own pony to take part in Pony Club activities through their local riding school. We are a Pony Club linked riding school offering Pony Club activities.

Our Pony Club coaches attend regular CPD and coach development courses including safeguarding, first aid and health and safety.

* Annual Pony Club membership required.
* Suitable for children from age 6-18 years.
* Beginners welcome.
* Riding pre assessment required.
* Sessions run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


If you want to know more please contact the stable yard office and an instructor will be happy to help.

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